Empowering trade creditors to credit vet in a thorough and transparent manner in less than 10 minutes.

Credit Risk System Benefits

  1. Electronic applications with digital signature capacity.
  2. Secure document storage centre.
  3. A unique credit vetting and scorecard tool to vet potential and existing customers.
  4. Access to core credit bureau reports.
  5. Electronic management of all opened accounts.
  6. Transparency and accountability with credit decision making process.
  7. Pre-legal collections and legal support by specialist attorneys.
  8. Ability to list defaulters with a credit bureau.
  9. Summarised credit insurance risk profile and easy access to credit insurers.
  10. Book management tools to assist with decision making processes.
  11. Secure onboarding and customising of business and user profiles.
  12. Sophisticated high-level credit risk review reports.

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Product Offering


Our online credit application form is specifically designed to incorporate all the relevant elements of current legislation and the National Credit Act.

It gives you peace of mind in knowing that all the pertinent information is collected from your potential debtor.

Our online credit applications are customizable to your requirements and include 100% online processes to ensure quick and effective client onboarding.


How long does it take you to hand over an account for collection?
How long does it take you to get your attorney or debt collector to phone you back?
Are your debt collectors reputable and professional?

Our online handover system is instantaneous and your handovers are professionally handled by our associate company Erick Breytenbach Attorneys Inc. (Commercial Litigation and Credit Management Attorneys).


As TransUnion and XDS Channel Partners, we provide credit information specifically packaged for the needs of trade creditors and credit insurers.

Additional export credit information is also sourced from Dunn and Bradstreet - one of the leading credit bureau report providers globally and in Southern Africa.

Our subscribers have instant access to these databases of credit information, along with access to specifically designed products to assist them with their credit risk assessments and decisions.


More commonly known as 'blacklisting'.

Our system allows you to instantly blacklist your defaulting debtors with TransUnion Credit Bureau. The debtor's default will be recorded on their credit record for all and sundry to see and is a great way of applying pressure on stubborn debtors for payment.


This product is a credit risk score which uses information on the business such as status, age, default information, asset information, trade information, principal information and links to other businesses that the principals may be associated with.

Based on these weighted variables, a score is calculated and classified into one of seven bands - from low to high risk, each with its own odds of business failure.

This score is translated into a score band that indicates the level of risk in relation to the average risk across all credit active companies. The score band is accompanied by the odds of failure, which is a direct interpretation of the failure rate within the same band.


There are direct links from our system into the credit insurers' systems for the purposes of easy and speedy credit limit applications, premium declarations and general administration of the credit insurance policy.

Credit insurance guarantees payment to the policyholder in cases where their debtor either defaults with payment or is forced into liquidation.

We structure tailor-made credit insurance policies to suit our clients' specific credit risk needs.

Product Pricing

  • Business Express
  • Start Now
  • R400 / monthly
  • Pre-legal Collections
  • Bureau Reports
  • Default Listings
  • Business Standard
  • Start Now
  • R700 / monthly
  • Express +
  • Account Management
  • Manual Credit Vetting with Unique Scorecard Tool
  • Debtor Book Management
  • Business Comprehensive
  • Start Now
  • R1 250 / monthly
  • Standard +
  • Semi-Automated Credit Vetting
  • Electronic Application and Document Centre
  • Debtor Book Management

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